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Here’s the latest recent from CLR:

7th Annual Symposium

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Vol. 3, No. 2 – Winter 2012

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The William O. Douglas Tax Factor: Where Did the Spin Stop and Who Was He Looking Out For?

I. Jay Katz

Tax Planning for Outbound and Inbound Transactions

David B. Newman

Getting to the Arguments: How Legitimate Defenses to Foreclosure are Raised

Timothy J. Peterkin



Coming Back to Byte Them: The FCC’s Third Way to Nowhere

Lauren M. Nennig

United States v. Malenge: Prosecutorial Discretion and the Problem of Non-Self-Executing Treaties in the Adjudication of Criminal Charges Against Asylum-Seekers

Christopher C. Peace

Vol. 3, No. 1 – Spring 2011

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Excerpts From “Land Use and Energy Generation in the Modern World”

Panel One: Generating Energy in a Carbon Constrained World

Compiled by Brittany Schott

Keynote Address from Spencer Abraham

Compiled by Rachel N. Stroup

Panel Two: Brownfields and Vapor Intrusion, Past Transgressions, Present Consequences

Compiled by Rachel N. Stroup



Complexities of Urban Sustainability: Using Local Land-Use Authority to Achieve Environmental Goals

Kevin C. Foy

The Nexus Requirement for Supplemental Environmental Projects—The Emperor’s New Clothes of Environmental Enforcement

Benne C. Hutson & Amanda K. Short

Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway Co., et al v. United States: Defining Environmental Law or Changing it?

Peter J. McGrath, Jr.

Down the Rabbit-Hole of Standing: Injury, Traceability, and Redress in Greenhouse Gas Litigation

Carrie Scrufari